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    Looking For Partner/s

    Partner Ship For a WebHosting Company

    I am looking for Someone As a Partner For a Webhosting Company.

    the Company is about 1.5 months old and earns a Profit of 100$ a month.Currently, We provide only Dedicated Servers From Usa, UK, Netherlands And Germany.
    I now plan to Expand and Provide TorrentFlux Hosting,VPS,VPN, Shared and Reseller Hosting In Netherlands,UK and USA taking One at a Time.
    Currently, Only paypal is supported payment Option.

    Currently, i handle the Advertising myself as well as basic tech questions.

    About myself:

    i am 19 Year old Guy From India.
    I have worked with a few hosts either as a reseller/affiliate or in sales.I can do sales but i do not have Technical Skills.

    I can do basic PHP, HTML coding.

    Currently, i do everything alone and i ahve decided that this cannot work further.So, I am here looking for a Partner/s.

    My requirements are the Partner/s Are Something like this:
    1.Should have some experience in hosting/servers and not be a total noob.
    2.Should be able to invest equally as and when necessary.
    3.If he know server management, it will be considered as a plus point(as i am a total noob at this)
    4.Should be able to Advertise(along with me) and Answer Sales Questions Alongside(if not managing Tech Part)

    I am looking to take 1-2 person.

    Please Email me Your Details if you want to apply or have any further Questions for this at [email protected]

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    email sent
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    could I get a link to your site?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris_the_Great View Post
    could I get a link to your site?
    The same question from here.

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    Please Email me on the Above given Id for any More details.

    I would not prefer to reveal the site details here.

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    I have contacted you, Please reply

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