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    PhpMyAdmin Won't dump file

    Hi, I went into a sql db and tryed to dump the data & structure or w/e and it acts like it is loading and just goes to a blank screen. When I try the same thing on my smaller db it does it fine, but since this one is 120mb is that why it is messing up? If so how do I fix it.


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    Yikes, 120 MB. It might have gotten hung up, although I can't see this happening; I'm sure phpMyAdmin can handle 120 MB MySQL databases.
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    I get a mess up with a 10mb database

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    phpMyAdmin can not dump large databases. You would need to dump the DB from the command prompt. I have a client with a 35 MB dump and phpMyAdmin did not work with that size of a file. However, if your version supports gzip then you should be able to do that. Importing might be another story.
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