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    * [Now Hiring] Billing >> Tech Support >> System Admins >> Management Positions

    Peerless Machines

    1) Please DO NOT contact us from an outsourcing company.
    2) Please DO NOT contact us via instant messenger.
    3) Please DO NOT contact us via live chat.
    4) Please *DO* follow the proper procedure to ask questions or apply.

    Peerless Machines is presently hiring:
    - Billing Representative (Swing Shift)
    - cPanel Level 1-3 Ticket/Chat Support (All Shifts)
    - cPanel Systems Administrators (All Shifts)
    - General Manager

    Please read this entire post before applying. Applicants that do not meet our requirements or do not follow instructions will not be considered. It may also have a detrimental effect on future applications you submit with this company.

    Candidate Requirements
    If you do not meet all requirements, please don't waste your time or ours.

    - Must speak and write fluent English with proper spelling and grammar.
    - Must be able to sign an NDA and send photo ID.
    - Must be hard working, dependable, and able to work with minimal supervision.
    - Must be able to set and work a general work schedule ***

    *** We're not paying you hourly, so we're not going to expect you to do hourly work. However, we offer and guarantee 24/7 service to our customers, so we must have technician availability 24/7. We like to have a general idea of when our staff is going to be around and able to work so that we can setup a schedule based on this information. As long as you are able to take chats throughout the majority of the shift and answer tickets within 1 hour, we will not have an issue.

    Billing Representative (REMOTE)
    Pay Rate: $75.00 Per Month (Very Light Work)
    Shift: Monday-Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM

    Job Duties:
    - Prepares daily journal entry for accounting in Excel.
    - Verify and confirm customer payments.
    - Contact customers regarding past due accounts.
    - Suspend customers with past due accounts.
    - Submit delinquent accounts to the collections agency.
    - Respond to customer's general billing inquiries.
    - Research billing discrepancies, overcharges, etc.
    - Process refunds, cancellations, and upgrade requests.
    - Research and process PayPal disputes and chargeback rebuttals.
    - Other billing or clerical tasks as assigned. Additional pay will be negotiated for tasks significantly outside this job description.

    - Some Familiarity with QuickBooks accounting system
    - Extensive Familiarity with WHMCS Billing System
    - Experience working in a web host billing setting
    - Polite and professional, but able to be firm where required

    Ticket/Chat Technicians
    Ticket Pay: $2.00 Per Ticket Resolved; $0.75 Per Ticket Escalated
    Chat Pay: $1.00 Per Chat Resolved; $0.50 Per Chat Escalated To Helpdesk
    Shifts: All
    Reports To: Support Manager

    Job Duties:
    * Answer pre-sales questions from potential customers.
    * Assist customers with support questions escalating to the helpdesk where necessary.
    * Contact customers regarding abuse complaints.

    * Extensive familiarity with company's products, services, policies, and procedures.
    * Extensive familiarity with cPanel, WHM (root), Fantastico, and RVSkin in a web hosting environment.
    * Ability to troubleshoot and resolve support problems ranging from minor hiccups to downed services, and everything in between.
    * Ability to multi-task and work under pressure.

    cPanel Systems Administrator
    Ticket Rate: $3.50 Per Ticket Resolved; $1.00 Per Ticket Escalated
    Shifts: All
    Reports To: Support Manager

    Job Duties:
    * Respond to alerts from the monitoring system.
    * Assist with initial setup and securing of new servers.
    * Assist with proactive server software and security updates.
    * Assist with proactive Kernel upgrades and patching.
    * Investigate and resolve abuse complaints.
    * Investigate and repair downed services.
    * Investigate and repair server problems of any severity.
    * Other related systems administration tasks.

    * IN DEPTH experience and expertise with CentOS + cPanel servers.
    * Familiarity with CSF/LFD firewall.
    * Ability to properly secure a server according to company policies.
    * Ability to upgrade Kernel remotely with Grsecurity.
    * Ability to multi-task and work under pressure.

    How To Apply
    If you are interested in the above positions, please send an email to [email protected] with your resume and the following information:

    - Your Full Name
    - Address (Including City, State, Zipcode)
    - Phone Number (including area code) & best time to call
    - Email Address
    - Position you are applying for
    - Days and times you are available
    - Your AIM or MSN screen names
    - Your previous hosting related work experience
    - Professional and personal references (with email addresses)
    - A short paragraph answering each of the following questions:
    1) What would you bring to the Peerless Machines team?
    2) What would you say are your strongest attributes and what areas do you need to improve?
    3) Why should we choose you over another candidate?
    Nick Hudson - Prevail Host LLC -
    Premium Quality cPanel Hosting Services - CloudLinux, LiteSpeed & SSD
    WHMControl - Secure Your Server Logins & Automate Password Changes
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