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    Thumbs up Pacificrack 9 months review.

    I usually do not write reviews and this would have to be the first one I have ever written. I could not keep this off any longer and the whole team here at SteadCom believes PacificRack has very well deserved this.

    Little Background:

    We moved to PacificRack in 2007 after having numerous issues with our DC in Deerfield Beach, Florida. From the start, PacificRack has been very accommodating with all our needs. They went the extra mile to satisfy us and I am proud to say, these guys are the best.

    Customer Service:

    Excellent, always there to help when needed no matter what time it is. Very helpful in all cases. Had a few tickets closed too quickly but that has been resolved since.

    Rating: 10/10

    The pricing we receive is better than we could have ever imagined. For this high quality of service, PacificRack was able to give us the space, and bandwidth we needed for less than we even hoped for.

    Pricing: 10/10

    The network is blazing fast. Absolutely no complaints about it and our customers love it too. There was only one issue with the network since being with them and it was resolved in a matter of minutes (Router issue).

    Network: 9/10

    If you are looking to co-locate or even rent a server, PacificRack is the place to be. These guys are the best and I would highly recommend them both on a business, and personal level to anyone.

    Great Job PR. Keep it up.
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    Thank you for the honest review Dimitri! Enjoy yourself and I wish you further good luck with your business!

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    Thanks for the honest review, that makes me even more likely to go with PacificRack for my colocation.

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    Thanks for the review of Pacificrack. Im looking to take out a server with them shortly.

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