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    Thumbs up needs a complete header !!... WHO WANTS FEERGAMING.NET FOR FREE ? AND HOST needs a complete header for it's main site !!

    Which ever web designer makes a header that is compliant with it's current design will win:

    - 1 GIG Space
    - Cpanel 4
    - 20 Gig of b/w /mo
    - Front Page Ext.
    - CGI/PERL
    - PHP
    - 30 FTP Acct.
    - 30 Email Acct.
    - 30 MySQL DB's
    - 30 Sub Domains

    ( When you win, you get 6 months of useing and all features of this hosting package for free. )

    * is already pointed to the server so it is instantly yours !

    ^^If you choose to use another domain istead of that would be fine ^^

    Here is what our designer has so far of

    I would like in the header... some nice visuals of speakers, turntables, i need it be 3dish.. the logo is ""

    Email: [email protected]

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    so its not actually free, is it? Free of money, but not free of labour ...

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    im confused could you explain some more
    -Robert Norton

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    Originally posted by interactive
    im confused could you explain some more
    I thought his post was obvious enough to anyone to understand.

    He'll give free hosting
    & that domain name for 6 months to anyone who will make him a header for his design.

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