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    very strannge shoutcast problem

    i have a very strange shoutcast problem...i have in my sever many shoutcast accounts...yesterday i setup a new one....i create also an embed player with the same code as the others embed players in others shoutcast ports....i am able to hear via winamp but nothing with embed players in both browsers ie,6,ie7 or firefox....i can't understand what the problem might i rold the code from embed players its the same as the others..i just changed the port,but i can't hear vuia browsers..very strange...your opinion please

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    make sure that in your embedded player (windows media player) that you just have the IP and Port and not the /listen.pls sometimes that can cause problems.

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    Hard to tell what the issue may be without actually seeing the player.

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    Embed player as windows media or real media will not work with aacPlus streams or nsv. If the stream is setup in mp3 format it will work on embed players. You can download the Orban plugin for win. media player that will make win. media player work with aacPlus and aac streams. Winamp works with aacPlus, aac, nsv etc...

    Hope this helps

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