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Thread: Hey All!

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    Hey All!

    Hi, My name is Ben and i run Host Bavos.

    We are trying to find some sales people for the business (hopefefully % only - or is this wishfull thinking?!)

    I would welcome any suggestions/comments etc. about the site

    thanks for now


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    Welcome to Web Hosting Talk. Enjoy your stay!

    A couple points of interest are the forum guidelines and this answer guide.

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    Welcome to the family!

    I assume your site is

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    Quote Originally Posted by JLHC View Post

    Welcome to the family!

    I assume your site is
    Thanks a lot!

    The site is:

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    Thanks for welcoming me labalaba

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    I've checked your site.
    Decent and clean.
    Maybe you can cut down the number of words in the main page.

    P/S: Just to notify you that unlimited space and bandwidth is not allowed in (unless it's April Fools Day )

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    We are going to renew all of our plans, so yes, unlimited will be eradicated!

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    Welcome to Web Hosting Talk mister ben

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