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    How to setup DNS for 2 servers with one domain name?


    I have 2 servers. How do I setup the DSN for these 2 servers with my domain? For example, I have domain "" and server1 and server2. I want, --> server1, --> server2

    Both server installed cPanel/WHM.


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    you would need to setup subdomains in the zone file for each of the servers. If however you are talking about if this fails, choose that: that is not somethign controlled by DNS.

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    Hi asoduk,
    thanks for your response,

    My current setup is like this:
    - In my domain control I set the DNS Name of to:

    - DNS Zone of server 1:

    beta-----------------------A-------------yyy.yy.yyy.80 ----A-------------yyy.yy.yyy.80 ----A-------------yyy.yy.yyy.81

    - DNS Zone of server 2:

    It works fine, but my question is that if server 1 went down, would server 2 down too?

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    Do you use database on the website? Any replication between 2 servers?
    I would say if the dns resolve is already cached, the website will be down.
    If dns is not cached, 50-50 chance that the website is not accessible. Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
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