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    Liquid web support

    2 months ago, I terminated a vps1 at liquidweb to upgrade to a vps2.
    Everything was supposed to be backed up by us, BUT, it wasn't so.
    My boss actually had an small account with important mail. We are not technical people or somthing like that. the point is all this mail was needed today.

    I asked liquidweb to help me with it. They did it. The account was long ago terminated, it was almost impossible to recover, but support guys worked very hadr to save me!.

    So this is a public thanks!!

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    Sounds like you were pretty lucky to be able to get the data back. Remember to make regular backups from now on, just in case.
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    It's heart warming to hear a tale with a happy ending on here :-)

    Well done LiquidWeb.
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