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    Experts: The Killer Package?

    One more question guys...(this is the best place to come)

    I want to offer a really killer deal to my members. Please look at these server specs below and let me know what I could realisticly offer to my clients/members.

    Keep in mind I want to offer them a truly "Killer" deal. Unlimited domains would be nice if possible.

    Celeron 1.2GHZ
    512 MB of RAM
    80 GB IDE Drive
    Red Hat Linux 7.3
    1 Mb/sec Burstable Bandwidth
    4 IP's
    Cpanel / WHM
    $2.00 per GB Bandwidth / Yipes
    Price $275 per month

    I gues what I'm really looking for is, if you wanted to offer your own customers the ultimate package how would you cut this server up. (I have no initial bandwidth allotment, I have to pay from the first gig to the last)


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    The $2 per gig might trap you short since most providers are selling their gigs for less then $1.50 , you don't have room for much profit I think.

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