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    Partner sought for online marketing agency. great profits. $1-2k!


    I am the founder and owner of an online marketing agency, which we shall call X for now.

    X was found almost 2 years ago and has evolved into an agency that has represented a number of Fortune 500 companies and around 50 other companies in its existance. Also, X has established advertising relationships with all leading advertising networks.

    X owns high-quality advertising software, and a high-quality dedicated server the advertising software is running on.

    How does X generate money?
    That's quite simple. Advertisers pay us an amount per click, per impression or per transaction. We put the advertiser's ads into our software and have our publishers (websites) serve those ads to their visitors using our ad code. We apply a revenue share with our publishers, and our piece of the pie (typically 30-40%) is the revenue. There is no overhead in X (server and software have been paid for currently), so all revenue are profits. Projected profits for the coming months are in the $1,000-$2,000 league. Past profits have been around those amounts, too.

    Sounds good? I think so. It has been providing me with some very comfortable money!

    What I am looking for is a business partner. I think working alone isn't all that, and there is much more potential than I alone can fulfill. Double the efforts, triple the profits.

    What would your duties be?

    • Recruiting advertisers by calling and e-mailing them with agressive proposals
    • Set up advertiser campaigns in our ad software, optimize ad campaigns
    • Collect money from advertisers
    • Recruit new publishers
    • Troubleshoot with advertisers and publishers
    • Work on innovative new ventures X could dive into

    Sounds hard? Maybe. I'll train you from beginning to end in every step of the process to make sure you learn the ins and outs on online advertising.

    I hear you ask: how much time will be involved? It's hard to say I think. I am doing this next to univerisity, and I can manage easily. The game of recruiting advertisers and publishers often means taking an action (calling, e-mailing), and waiting for a reply. In the meantime, there's not an awful lot to be done. The usual advertiser follow-ups hardly take any time as well. I often find myself working and being off-work at the same time. Hope you understand that, it sounds a bit weird

    Typically, you would have some experience with online advertising, have very strong communicational skills and you would win the grand prize if you were a good programmer, too.

    Remember, this job isn't about some pocket cash. At a 50/50 profit share you could easily be looking at $1,000 a month.

    Interested? Please contact me through PM and we can talk!

    X Owner
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