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    Question YAINQ (Yet Another Idiot Newbie Question)

    Well, my current host is insisting I upgrade, so I've given them the go-ahead to upgrade me from a VPS to a dedicated box while I try to figure just what the hell I'm doing.

    I design web sites; I don't know dick about server admin.

    So... here is what they are proposing:

    Dual AMD 2000, 2gb ddr, 2x80gb ide
    1500GB bandwidth (100mbps port)
    30GB off-server backup space
    Tier 3 fully managed support (their highest level of support)

    For $150/month no setup fee.

    Seem reasonable?

    Trying to put things together on my own, I came up with the following:

    Management (PSM) $29
    100GB backup (rysncpalace) $15
    Cpanel ($20-25/month depending on host)

    That would leave $81-86 per month for the box itself.

    Do you think I can do significantly better than the box above for $85 a month?

    More important question: A raid card will run me $35 extra per month, which I simply don't have available at the moment (my costs are tripling as it is). So what do I do with the second drive?

    1. Interim backup space (backup nightly to 2nd drive and then weekly or monthly to off-server backup space)

    2. Is there some configuration of the 2 drives other than RAID that would result in better performance, i.e., is there any benefit to a certain volume/directory being on a second drive? [The best analogy I can use is on a Windoze box, using one drive for the OS and a second physical drive for the data. Does such a thing exist in the web server world?]

    I told you they were idiot questions...

    Be gentle.

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    If you are currently happy with the level of service of your company, I wouldn't try finding a cheaper solution, as you never know what you might end up with.
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    Instead of getting a RAID card, I would recommend making a software raid 1 using the 2 drives and make nightly backups offsite.

    This way you will have redundancy and offsite backups.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anantha View Post
    Instead of getting a RAID card, I would recommend making a software raid 1 using the 2 drives and make nightly backups offsite.

    This way you will have redundancy and offsite backups.
    Well, I'm being told by my host that you cannot do software RAID 1 on a server and that I should just use the second drive for backups.

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    Hmmm? I'm fairly certain you can install RAID 1 on any server with two identical drives. Check this out:

    Also... Whay does your current host "insist" you upgrade? There may be good reason, but I'm curious, because this might be helpful if you are looking around.
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    They claim my VPS has been using 25% of the hardware resources on my node for the last 7 days. I have no way of arguing this so I have to take them at face value. I'm a little shell-shocked going from $48.50/month to $150/month, but am not sure what alternatives I have at this point...

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    Well, you could try to get some reports to see if you really are using that much and diagnose the problem, perhaps even fix it.
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    Take the deal and hardware raid. If you ever have a choice hardware raid is the way to go.

    They already provide offsite backups so you should be good to go.
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    To the OP - you're underpaying. I would test the "fully managed" support and see if it's for real.


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    Agreed, take the deal, it's a steal for what they are providing, unless the support they provide is pretty limited and not what you expect.

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    Thanks for the replies. After doing some more looking around, I've decided to take the deal. I found some server deals here on WHT that might marginally shave the cost somewhat, but I have no idea what I'd be getting into supportwise.

    I have an established history with my existing host, and as is often said, "better the devil you know"...

    I cannot afford the hardware RAID at the moment, but may consider upgrading at some point. I'll see how performance is without it first. I would hope that going from a VPS to a dual-CPU dedicated box would offer at least some improvement in performance, but who knows...

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