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    VPS Reseller & Distributer programme - UK and USA

    Introducing the Wise VPS Reseller & Distributer programme.

    We are excited to be able to offer the following three streamlines to resell VPS:

    1. Fixed fee per month
    With this you can create any number of VPS in your account staying within the limitations fo your account (limited by memory disk etc). Its almost like a traditional hosting reseller package but for VPS!

    AIMED AT: Resellers who need to create custom packages for their clients
    - Resellers can point a subdomain at the hypervm ip to brand the control panel url (ie
    - Ability to create custom VPS packages on the fly
    - Fixed monthly fee, easy to upgrade to next package
    - see all your VPS in one place and create / remove / start / stop your vps clients etc within hypervm
    - Install any CP you wish in any way that you like

    2. Price per VPS
    Aimed at those who simply want to resell at a % off our own VPS and do not want to be involved creating and installing control panels.
    - fixed price VPS allowing you to mark up your own pricing and sell to your clients
    - No need to worry about technical aspects of creating VPS & Cp's
    - See all your VPS in one place within hypervm and brand your own custom url for your clients to use
    - the more you sell the greater the discounts

    3. VPS Node accounts
    Aimed at those who want to be in total control with their own VPS node.
    - your own server preconfigured with hypervm all ready to host VPS
    - create any VPS you like up to the resources of your server
    - Hypervm control panel to create all your accounts through
    - Ability to have your own cluster as you grow
    - fully managed by us on your behalf

    How do I become a Reseller / Distributer?
    Simply contact [email protected] to discuss your requirements. All we ask is that your paypal account is verified and that you are resonsible for fraud checking your clients.

    Can we resell any other services?
    Of course, including backups, licenses, servers and much more

    Is this UK only?
    No! You can provide and resell VPS and products in both the UK and US .

    email [email protected]

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    some answers to the many emails!

    - hypervm is used and you will have the ability to brand it your own name, we will not be mentioned to your clients
    - the hypervm CP is used to access and control your clients, they also use it to control their VPS
    - you can sell in any currency you wish - once you agree to our pricing, thats what you pay.
    - there is no setup fee at the moment, once the programme is established there will be a charge
    - there is no commitment to sell any amount
    - we can customise vps packges that you wish to sell, you dont have to take our ones!
    - direct admin , cpanel etc is extra
    - pricing is for unmanaged, you should have an understanding of how to fix common issues, although we will help where possible.


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