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    If your interested in either please send me a PM!

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    Nice one!

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    Hmmmm... would be nice for a literature site, if someone was thinking of starting one... (poetry or Edgar Allen Poe).


    - James

  4. #4 JUST sold. is in the negotiating stages. Please send your offers for or if you are interested in them. they wont last long!
    Domain Software, LLC.

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    More Domains....

    And incase you were wondering, sold for $300.
    Please PM with your offers!
    Domain Software, LLC.

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    1,607 could also be used as a fan type site for the singer Poe. Her official site is Too bad wasn't available when they bought her domain.

    But don't do anything like cybersquatting her though...

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    This is to let everyone know that by this evening POE.COM will be SOLD unless anyone can come up with a better offer. It is currently at $3,200 with a buyer and will be GONE by this evening if no one offers a better price! Please PM with your offer! Only serious offers will be accepted! Thanks.
    Domain Software, LLC.

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