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    Questions about Hostmania

    I have been reading alot of posts about hostmania. I was curious what is the deal with them. Are they a good company or not. I just looked at their site and I was suprised that they are only a few miles from me.

    I am just curious if anyone has any opinions about this deal they are offering

    Cogent Promo (Celeron 1 ghz, 512 Mb Memory, 40 GB HDD and 3 mb/s capped Cogent connection ($75/mo and $75 setup)

    Basically we are a small design company that is currently using reseller shared hosting at *****, and we really want to get away from them. But we dont want to spend more than 99 a month with a low setup, high bandwidth and included ensim.

    And what exactly is 3mb/s capped? what does that average out to.


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    the deal sounds awesome, but i'd wait it out until everyone gets their boxes before signing up.

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    People often consider 1mb/s as being equal to 320 gig of transfer, if used at maximum capacity. So 3mb/s is around 900gig of transfer, again at maximum capacity.

    But that is not be burstable, so if your site is very busy, (very very busy ), pages may not be served correctly during your peak times.

    But don't worry about it. If you still fit in a reseller package, you're probably a very long way from reaching 3mb/s.

    If it suits your needs, I'd say go for it. But as lotuslnd said, there is already a bunch of us who are waiting for servers from hostmania/eservers (they seem to be partners in this) so you'll have to get in line. I hope you're in no hurry.

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