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    php 4 faster than 5?

    I've read that php 4 is faster than 5, is this true? I'm not sure which one I should use to host my invision powerboard. It's the only php/mysql site on the server.

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    Whether it's true or not isn't nearly important as the fact that support for php 4 is gone soon seeing as it was declared End of Life.
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    php 5 is faster imo.

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    We host thousands php+mysql forums, we see php4 is faster and consume less resource.

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    It may be because of PHP5 is more Object oriented...which anyway seems to take more resource looks like PHP 5 will take more my server too php5 takes more resource than php4 apilications....

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    PHP4 is not faster, nor does it have a smaller footprint. In fact the opposite is true; PHP5 is a large improvement in this department, notably with its reference model. Where PHP4 passes memory copies around without a care, PHP5 is much more careful. There's a great number of benchmarks available online, and a great article in php architect a few months back. Check for the covers, it has a race car on it (can't remember precise volume right now).

    PHP4 is at EOL - move along The grass is greener on the PHP5 side of the fence!
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