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    Server is freezing

    We're seeing an issue with a server. It is freezing, and I couldn't find any useful information about what's causing the issue.

    My /var/log/messages:
    Apr 6 20:00:52 srv01 pure-ftpd: ([email protected]) [INFO] New connection from
    Apr 6 20:00:52 srv01 pure-ftpd: ([email protected]) [INFO] Logout.
    Apr 6 22:11:49 srv01 syslogd 1.4.1: restart.
    Apr 6 22:11:49 srv01 syslog: syslogd startup succeeded

    At 20:00h the server freezed and at 22:11 we rebooted it.

    dmesg command doesn't show any useful information too.

    Any idea where else can I look for?

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    Could be a kernel panic, in which case only KVM over IP, someone physically at the server, or possibly IPMI would tell you if the server really did kernel panic. Could also be a heat related issue, bad memory, bad process/program locking up the whole server, etc. Try contacting your host the next time you cannot get into the computer, and have them hook a monitor to the box and see if there are any error messages displayed.

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    It it wasn't kernel panic, then check:

    HDDs for Smart Errors
    CPU Temperature

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    Try and install lm_sensors and then check your system temperature, if you can.. If you're running centos, it's a fairly easy setup with yum.

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