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    * Available! - Expert Admin/Coder CPanel/Linux/BIND/Apache/PHP/MySQL/Perl6/Ensim/Plesk

    I have 7+ years of heavy experience in the server and web hosting market, including managing system security and hack-proofing webservers.

    I am looking for full-time or part-time position as a senior Unix admin, supporting all Unix/Windows servers, as well as Helpdesk tickets and LiveChat.

    I specialize in PHP/MySQL projects including custom CPanel/WHM extensions; I can customize and add new features to Modernbill / Perlbill / PHPManager or create a whole billing system customized to your needs.

    What I can do:
    - Fix any server problems that you may have
    - Create custom scripts such as automatic login to CPanel/Ensim/Plesk/other, all from 1 login form.
    - Setup your current/new servers, configure DNS, apache, mysql, control panels, helpdesk, streaming media server, etc.
    - Modify and add features to ModernBill, PHPManager, or any PHP/MySQL/perl based program
    - Install/upgrade/troubleshoot any (!) Linux/FreeBSD and windows software quickly and efficiently
    - Provide remote tech-support via Helpdesk or LiveChat
    - Analyze and secure your server/network against DOS attacks/spam/warez bandwidth wasters/hackers
    - Optimize http/mysql/cpu/memory load for better performance.
    - Emergency solutions and immediate support available
    - Automate creation of Google Adwords campaigns for 1000's of products

    Tehnologies I work with:
    - WHM/CPanel
    - PHP/MySQL
    - CGI/Perl
    - Plesk, Ensim, Alabanza
    - Linux Redhat, Slackware, Debian, FreeBSD 4.x/5.x
    - Windows 2000/NT/.NET, IIS server

    I work quickly and efficiently. I can do single jobs and recurring or monthly contracts.
    Priority clients get 24/7 phone/pager/SMS.

    Website Cloning:
    Does this ever happen to you?
    1. I surf on the web.
    2. I find this amazing website.
    3. "I wish I owned such a website, I could make $$$$..."

    Here's where I come in.
    I can clone any website, including the programming functionality, and deliver it to you completely working.
    You tell me what website you want to "own", and I'll create an exact WORKING clone of that site, with better functionality.

    More examples what I can do:
    - Create customized scripts that automate billing, server provisioning, client tracking, etc
    - Integrate automated VOIP solutions with your server, e.g. dial a phone to reboot your server.
    - Data mining solutions, database development, etc

    Think up any idea - I can get it done.


    AIM: WhiteCollar18
    MSN: [email protected]
    YIM: [email protected]
    AIM:WhiteCollar18 - MSN:[email protected]
    YIM:[email protected]

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