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    Looking for work, php / mysql design, admin services, you name it


    Due to the time of year, and a couple recent client cancellations, I find myself looking for work however it may come across. No job too small, no job too big, it's all open and available. A bit of work that I've done as an example here.

    WHMCS -> Kayako support desk integration and imports:
    I'm not talking about just integrating kayako and WHMCS support desk, but pulling the old tickets from the WHMCS database and moving them to kayako.

    Custom WHMCS admin and addon modules:
    From server monitoring to server information to almost anything imaginable, it can be done in WHMCS, and I'm willing to spend the time to do it.

    Misc php and website programming, including custom CMS':
    I've done a great deal of custom programming for clients, from ground up CMS design to moving from nuke to cpgnuke (keeping everything intact) to custom cpgnuke modules.

    VBulletin , phpbb and SMF development:
    I'm not talking about your standard phpbb/SMF/VB development tasks, but getting down and dirty and actually working with the core of the code, making changes, adding addons, templates, you name it.

    Systems administration:
    This is where I shine, from resolving issues, to account restoration to , well, any number of tasks. I specialize in finding things that cause problems and resolving them, no matter how big, or how small.

    Of course, there's a lot more that I could say, I mean with 25+ years of computer experience, 10+ years of linux, and just about as many years of internet experience, there's not much I CAN'T do.

    Rates will vary per project, though typically the hourly rate is $35/hr. On larger projects, I will make every effort to come up with a reasonable quote that fits both me and you, and on smaller projects, an hour or two will most likely be all it takes.

    I greatly appreciate your taking the time to read this, and will answer any and all questions as I can. If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact me via the methods in my profile, or through my contact page

    Thank you!
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    We've been using Linux Tech for years. We contracted him to monitor 100+ of our servers and to take action, if applicable. Every time, without exception, he was on top of an outage within minutes...many times before our internal monitoring system even caught it. We've also called on Linux Tech for emergency assistance on things, when our own admin was busy with other things. He's even helped out with things that really didn't even fall under the "system admin" category, when it was a crisis that could negatively affect our customers - such as quickly fixing up a broken installation of Kayako.

    Tom is a good guy. He's one of the very exclusive group of people we let touch our servers.

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