Webhosting Template 1

Preview : http://preview.flakdesign.com/sale/sale3.png

Price : $450 with build to order subpage

Webhosting Template 2

Preview : http://preview.flakdesign.com/sale/sale.png

Price : $450 with build to order subpage

Webhosting Template 3

Preview : http://preview.flakdesign.com/sale/sale2.png

Price : $450 with build to order subpage

Features of webhosting templates
  • Design is not coded yet, but will be coded after incorporating any changes you might have.
  • Subpages can be done at an extra cost
  • Php Includes - You just have to make changes to one file and it will propagate throughout the entire website. Most of the sections such as navigation, tables are php included files. Php is also used for active menu highlighting.
  • Easy Customisation - The site is designed using css. Colors, fonts and other changes can be easily applied. You can add/delete/update content of the site quickly and easily. All css styles have been taken care of.
  • Xhtml Strict 1.0 - Seperates structure and presentation of the site, making it easier to maintain.
  • Optimized Images - All images are optimized for fast loading.
  • Icons used are from famfamfam and aqua.
  • 100% Unique Design - This design has never been sold nor used before.
  • Full Resell Rights - You get full resell rights to the design. You may sell it to anyone at any price you want.
  • Deliverables - Psd and coded files of frontpage and subpage, free minor customisations.
E-commerce template for zencart, oscommerce

Preview : http://preview.flakdesign.com/sale/e-comm.png

Price : $250 with build to order subpage

  • Psd (coded on request, charged separately)
  • Exclusive rights to the buyer
  • Free minor customizations
Other Designs

http://preview.flakdesign.com/sale1/1.png - $75 with psd only

http://preview.flakdesign.com/sale1/2.png - $50 with psd only

Payment method : paypal

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