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    VPS or Dedicated for my case?

    Hi to all experts out there,

    I am going to run an ecommerce website with a huge database (About 10GB). From the replies of my another post, I gathered that I would probably need my own MS SQL 2005 licence instead of subscribing to my host's $25 per 200MB add-on.

    So now I am deciding whether to choose VPS or Dedicated.

    My questions:

    1. Can I install my own MS SQL 2005 in a VPS?
    2. I have no knowledge of running a server. Will this means that I should stick to VPS?

    BTW, the database is not so important, so I don't need to have a very secure server.

    Thanks in advance

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    Definitely should be looking for a manged dedicated server provider. You could check the dedicated server forum and offers for some ideas, then search here to find some reviews. I would look for one that offers Windows as a standard and explain your situation, they should be able to give you some suggestions and optimize the server for you.

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    I would go dedicated - even perhaps managed.
    VPS - no way

    vps would leave you in a virtual place of suffering (vps) in this case.
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    managing my own server?

    thanks guys for the advice. I'll be using dedicated server then.

    Regarding getting a managed server, I found that the monthly cost will be about $100.

    Is managing a server myself difficult? I've got a brother who's very IT savvy and thought I might use his free service.

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    Well, as long as he can help you out with everything you need you could use him.
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    Just compare offerings of a few different web hosts and decide whether it is worth to save around $100/month for managed hosting. Having dedicated server only means you'll need to do all the admin work. This takes a lot of time.. a lot!
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    I've got a brother who's very IT savvy
    That doesn't necessarily make him a server admin though, not to mention a good one.

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    more work is not an issue, you can learn how to manage it, once you master all the step, that is easy for you...

    i prefer dedicated too

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