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    Originally posted by e-stefan
    ...betwen httpme and mchost or 1&1 (german provider. good but expenesive). after some research, i found httpme to offer more bandwidth on larger plans but their pricing scares me.

    biggest plans compare:

    httpme: $1.2 per GB
    mchost: $1.9 per GB

    both are really cheap compared to 1&1 which is around $4-5 per GB. i see httpme has servers at NAC and i find the post where i see where they rent their servers from and the GB bandwidth at NAC costs about $3 per GB how can they offer it so low? with support? i am a little worried, but not scared away.

    I found this in a thread about dothosting, and am curious. Is this true?

    Does httpme and mchost sell bandwidth overages for less than they have to pay for it? IOW, do you guys really pay around $3 per gig for it, and only charge $1.20 and $1.90 a gig? If not, what do you pay for it, and how much do you charge for bandwidth overages?

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    I don't know about httpme, but we do not oversell, as we need to cover servers, bandwidth, staff members, offices, etc.

    We're able to buy bandwidth at low prices and pass it onto our clients, as we use an average of 12 TB (12000 GB) per month.

    I know that NAC where httpme is located has pretty high bandwidth prices for around $3 - $4 , but i don't know what kind of bandwidth contracts they have so your best bet would be to ask them directly
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    httpme can offer those prices, because I like him and he is a good client thus I give him good deals.

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    Where is this "$4/GB" from anyways?? Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    Also NAC doesn't charge per the Gig. they charge per the kbps or the MBps.

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