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    ServerBeach, incredible response time

    So I've only had a server with them for a week and - being the guru that I am - managed to lock myself completely out of windows by mistake, no safe mode remedy or anything possible. I needed a fresh OS install but on top of that I needed access to my old data. It took them all of 6 minutes to notify me that my request was in the works. In under 2 hours I had a fresh C drive with a new OS and my old drive in there for me to copy data from.

    I was fully expecting a slow, condescending response and a bill for the service (I asked to be charged but they refused and said that OS reloads are always free despite having to do more than a simple OS reload for me)... What I got was near immediate response from a polite and fully competent staff that did exactly what I wanted. Thanks ServerBeach!

    I'll review their uptime after I've been with them for good chunk of time. I'm at Virginia and I read about two power outages they had before, but having dealt with their staff there I'm confident that these guys have that completely under control now.
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    May I ask what time and if this was a weekend or weekday?
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    Peer1 has a pretty good network so I wouldn't expect too much network downtime, just don't lock yourself out :p.

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    this was 6am on friday
    I assure you my ignorance is not blissful.

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    This is really good... If you do your research before purchasing a server, you will always have a good experience

    All the best.. hope you get similar service from them always
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    It's good things work out for you ^_^
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    I am shopping around I will send they a quote request and check for more reviews around the forum.... thanks for sharing on WHT...
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    Despite of what many might say about Peer1 network, its one of the best maintained and you will rarely see any issues with network. But of course, you pay a premium (as high as $140/mbps on low commits).
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