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    Angry Annoyed with Pixelled-Solutions!

    I've been with Pixelled-Solutions for over a year. They used to be great, I never really experiences any downtime. But now...their server goes down a few days every month!

    As of right now my site has been down for four days and I have no one to contact about it. When I have previously contacted them for support I get no answers!

    I know the owners have changed and I think that has a lot to do with it.

    I'm VERY annoyed and I want my website back.

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    Why don't you just change hosting companies? Make sure to backup all of your things and move...
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    I probably will once they're back up. But, I think I deserve some kind of refund.

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    Four days is a bit extreme, I recommand moving before you ask a refund (in case they try and do anything with your account).

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    Most hosts say they provide 99.x% uptime, but most do not backup their promise by refunding members with time or payment for how long they went below their promise. Some hosts give out a free month if they go below 95% uptime, but others do nothing. If you were with them for over a year and they have been down for 4 days, chances are you won't get any money back :-/

    I would check the advertising forums and find a new host, one with a promise of 99.x% uptime, and find out (from their legal pages most likely) what happens if they do not comply. -- Discover the latest Electronic Dance Music

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