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    Question What about Liquid Web?


    I'm looking for a robust and reliable web and mail provider. I'm sick of my current webhotel (based in Denmark) and want something more robust, so that I always can check my mail and are not dependent on downtimes. My requirements are as followed:

    Shared Hosting
    1-5GB og Web/Mail-space
    10GB+ Traffic (mostly mail)
    5+ E-mail accounts
    IMAP/SMTP access
    FTP/SSH access

    Well that's about it. I have a look on Liquid Web. Can you recommend Liquid Web?

    Looking forward to hear from you.


    Rasmus, Jutland Denmark.

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    Pretty standard features. Have you looked in the shared hosting offers forum?

    Liquidweb has a pretty good reputation here. Do a search and you'll see the reviews you're looking for. Good luck!
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    A friend of mine has been using LiquidWeb shared hosting for over 3 years and things have been great. I don't know what else there is to say...things have just worked, and support is there when you need them.

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    Okay, seems to me that Liquid Web is the thing. Seems to fit my needs

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    Any one who can tell me their experience with Media Temple?
    Are they any good? It seems to me that there is mixed experience with MT.

    Please tell me.



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    If you want a reliable service for a good price, indicate the liquidweb,Worth every penny paid, work with them to 3 years.

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    LiquidWeb is very good, my friend has been hosted there for a while now with great results.
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    Work with various datacenters, but have to say that Liquidweb offers better cost / benefit between all of them.

    Work with The Planet, Softlayer, layeredtech, Hostdime and Liquidweb

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    Such that the only work that could be higher would be the softlayer, but they do not offer the same support and at the same time, the response time of Liquidweb for me is still unsurpassed.

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