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    Question Submiting details

    Hey Everyone

    I didnt no where to put this but here it goes..

    i was wandering if anyone could help me with my problem?

    i have a web domain and host (1 and 1).
    Is there anyway i can have like a thing that will send info to me.

    E.g when your signing up for stuff.

    But the thing is, ill need to know the info they put in because its somethink i will have to set up, if you get what i mean?

    So what i kinda what is like a page with like A couple qeustions e.g

    "How would you describe our service?"

    And then they would put what there opinion is and click "Submit"

    Witch will then send me the info via email or some kind of database or somethink that i will be able to view.

    Can any one help, I duno if theres any software or mayby a script?

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    There is a few scripts out there but you would need a form building. I know there is CDOSYS for ASP I don't know about PHP and when the form is filled out then submitted an email can be sent from that.

    I think his should be asked in the Programming Discussion part of the forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by godfree121 View Post
    ... Can any one help, I duno if theres any software or mayby a script?
    There are lots of choices out there. I'd suggest searching HotScripts and trying to narrow it down a bit.
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    I think a php form will be a great choice for you. It is very simple to write and also the code should be available in the net. It uses the same algorithm as a simple contact form. You have your questions there and when someone answers them, you will receive the info on your email.

    Hope this works for you.

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    I would recommend checking out

    Its a great resource for PHP / CGI and other scripts.
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