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    remote control PC please suggest


    I want to give my clients support by remote control

    can any body suggest any service?

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    Remote control?

    As in, TV remote? ;P

    Or use the computer remotely via the internet?

    There's SSH and VNC... I don't know of any others that are any good...

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    Why not just use the built in remote desktop client in windows.
    The Remote Desktop Connection software is pre-installed with Windows XP. To run it, click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, click Communications, and then click Remote Desktop

    If you have to connect to a Mac, Tiger and Leopard both have built in remote desktop connection software and you would just need to enable it and use a VNC client to connect to them.

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    I would use VNC, as it does not close the current session on Windows XP, so you can see the problem your client is having.

    many verions of VNC around, but UltraVNC has some nice extra features like live chat.
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    there is a technicians version of

    whats great about it is that if your customers are lame, they will at least be smart enough to go to the site and setup an account and send you an invite. all this without the need to configure routers and firewalls for vnc/remote desktop.

    its easy shmeasy and costs little compared to what you can charge for the access.

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    Depends on technical proficiancy

    VNC on its own works, though there are safer things. is surprisingly solid, and probably the easiest.
    My preference is using VNC forced through an SSH tunnel
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    If you want to support remote clients you'll want to make it as easy as possible for them. The best way is a web based service so that there is no installation/configuration needed by the client. I use CitrixAssist, but logmein, gotomypc and others provide similar services.
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