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    Exclamation LotD Hosting - Shared E-commerce Web Hosting Dynamic Coupon Offer - Up to 30% off!

    This discount is cumulative with our payment interval discount:
    If you pay yearly you will get an additional 10% discount.
    6-monthly 4.5%
    and quarterly 2%

    The Promotional code is DYNAMIC. It provides a 5% discount for the beginner plans, 10% for the advanced plans, 15% for the pro plans and 20% for the extreme plans. All discounts will last the lifetime of the account

    We are offering Unix, FreeBSD, Windows and Sharepoint E-commerce Web Hosting
    Microsoft Exchange plans are also available on request.

    All these hosting plans are located on our H-sphere server cluster.

    Included with all accounts:
    H-sphere Control Panel
    SiteStudio (Sitebuilder with Flash templates)
    Easyapp (preinstalled applications with instant update function includes message boards, blog, chatrooms, support applications, shopping carts and more!)
    PHPBB message board (seperate preinstalled message board)
    osCommerce (seperate preinstalled online shop)

    File Manager
    FTP access
    anonymous FTP server (needs dedicated ip at $2/month)
    instant access stopgap domains (to use your site while waiting for domains to resolve)
    daily backups kept for 30 days

    PHP 5

    MySQL 4.1.15
    MsSQL (Also on Unix/FreeBSD)

    Front Page support
    SSI support
    SSL support

    Email tools:
    Mailing List
    Mail Box Alias
    Mail Forward
    Email Auto Responder
    Mail SPF (protects against email forgery)
    Webmail or external application

    Transfer Log, Referer log

    Urchin ($3/month)

    Unix/FreeBSD specific:

    Referrer Log
    Agent Log
    Error Log

    Windows/Sharepoint specific:

    ASP .net
    Coldfusion (Windows plan)
    ODBC Service (for Access, dBase, Excell, ...)

    MS Sharepoint (Sharepoint plan)
    Web Directory
    Web Application


    Overview of all Unix Plans
    Overview of all FreeBSD Plans
    Overview of all Windows Plans
    Overview of all Sharepoint Plans

    I: Beginner

    200MB Disk space
    5 GB Bandwidth
    allows 5 top level domains
    10 free subdomains
    10 free third level domains (
    40 mailboxes
    10 databases/type

    Monthly Fee: $5.50
    -5%: $0.28
    - 10%: 0.55
    Yearly: $53.40

    Sign Up Now:
    Unix | FreeBSD | Windows | Sharepoint

    II: Advanced

    300MB Disk space
    10 GB Bandwidth
    allows 10 top level domains
    15 free subdomains
    15 free third level domains (
    60 mailboxes
    15 databases/type

    Monthly Fee: $7.50
    -10%: $0.75
    -10%: $0.75
    Yearly: $60.00

    Sign Up Now:

    Unix | FreeBSD | Windows | Sharepoint

    III: Pro

    500MB Disk space
    15 GB Bandwidth
    allows 15 top level domains
    20 free subdomains
    20 free third level domains (
    100 mailboxes
    20 databases/type

    Monthly Fee: $12.50
    -15%: $1.88
    -10%: $1.25
    Yearly: $112.44

    Sign Up Now:

    Unix | FreeBSD | Windows | Sharepoint

    IV: Extreme

    1000MB Disk space
    30 GB Bandwidth
    allows 30 top level domains
    35 free subdomains
    35 free third level domains (
    200 mailboxes
    50 databases/type

    Monthly Fee: $19.50
    -20%: $3.90
    -10%: $1.95
    Yearly: $163.80

    Sign Up Now:

    Unix | FreeBSD | Windows | Sharepoint

    When signing up make sure you don't forgot the coupon code.

    If you want to learn a bit more about our server cluster or about us please check our company info page and our plans page.

    This offer is valid until May 1st.
    If you have any questions feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. If you sign up we will also be glad to help you set up your account.

    Yours sincerely,

    Michael Sluydts
    LotD Hosting
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