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    MySQL Stops allowing external connections


    Recently I've upgraded my MySQL server. I connect to it via a conection from NIC to NIC (Internal IP addresses). Since the upgrade/format, I've managed to get everything back to the way it was. Everything works fine for 15-20 minutes. Then the PHP server can no longer access the MySQL server.

    I tried logging in from the PHP server, I get access denied. I then tried logging in locally, on the MySQL server and I get in fine...

    It's not like it's a firewall issue though, it's strange...

    Any ideas? I tried updating PHP/MySQL to a few releases, even the RC's to no avail...

    Something to note is that when I try restarting MySQL it can take 4-5 minutes, sometimes not even complete.


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    What error is it getting? As it may be just limits that are being reached.
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    Have you upgraded the php mysql client after mysql was upgraded. I suggest you recompile your Php as well to accommodate the new mysql version
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