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    I am having one heck of a time getting ESTDOMAINS to unlock our reseller that we have with them. On March 24th we reported to them that our domain reseller had been compromised and that we needed assistance to get the dns changed back to its prior entry as well. They asked me to fax in a copy of my identification to verify that i am in fact the account holder. I have to admit i was a bit leary of this due to the fact that i have no clue who they are and they also have my paypal id on file as well.

    I decided that i would go ahead and send in the information needed dispite my fears. I sent them a fax with my id to their fax number they posted within the ticket 1-866-372-9936. The first fax was sent in on 03/26 i know that the fax went through for sure because i have the Transmission Verification Report stating that all was ok. I then contacted them and they stated they did not recieve this fax. Strangely enough they claim not to have recieved it. So i sent this information out again on 03/27 via fax. And again they claim to not have recieved it. What really strikes me as odd is on both fax transmissions i have verification reports that state that that they did recieve it or should i say the phone number they provided recieved it.

    Today they posted in the ticket stating that the information hasnt been recieved and that i needed to send it again. By this time as you can imagine i am absolutely furious. So i decide to sent the fax to our line because our fax will then email me a copy of the fax so that i can attach it to the ticket that i had open with them. I attached the ticket and hours later they reply saying that the copy isnt good and i need to send them another copy with 24 hours or they would suspend the reseller.

    As you can imagine im absolutely enraged by the actions and demand that our domains be released. I then submitted a complaint with ICANN as this sort of activity is absolutely unheard of and utterly disgusting. I have contacted ICANN as well as DirectI and i will be making as many users aware of their actions so that others will not have to suffer at the hands of their neglegence and incompetence. If you are a ESTDomains reseller get out while you can! This guys are a complete joke!

    Here is a screen of our conversation with them as well
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    You buy domains from a company that sells below cost and now you wonder why not everything works out. You should think before you start business with a company.

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    If your fax to them looks anything like your screen shot of the conversation.......... it's unreadable without a microscope.
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