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    Comes with EGP...

    I got a quote from peer1 and they told me that my cabinet would come with EGP. I looked it up and it appears to stand for Exterior Gateway Protocal, a protocal that according to wikipedia is obsolete. There's not even a single mention of it on WHT according to my forum search.

    Should I be concerned or is this merely something additional they're providing for those who might have some reason to take advantage of an obsolete protocal?

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    EGP is just a blanket cover naming for the protocols used exxternally to the network, as is IGP for the internal.

    The most common EGP in use is eBGP

    IGP's consist of OSPF, RIP, EIGRP, iBGP etc..

    Basically, from what you've said, they are saying you could use BGP with them if you have your own AS + PA/PI address space to multihome.

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    thank you that answered my question

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