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    Changing all IP addresses on Raq

    Provider is changing all IP addresses. Has anyone went through this experince before and have any tips?

    Have both a Raq 3 and a 4i..... Each box has appx. 100 sites on it, but only using a total of 5 IPs .



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    I am not sure if there is an automated way of doing it but I had the same thing done to me too and I had to manually change all the IP addresses of each site one by one. But it was okay since I only have 10 sites to begin with.

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    Does the RaQ GUI look back to the config files for info when it is updating a site? You can do a mass IP change in the httpd.conf file if you use VI (I bet you can do it with other editors too.. but I know VI). But if there is another database that has the info storesd... this wouldn't help...

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    noperoonie, it has pgsql databases,

    I did this a long long long time ago when I had my raQs (before i was wise enough to write my own cp and move to more cost-effective white-boxes)

    we wrote perl (not php) scripts to update the dbs, httpd.conf, /etc/proftpd and /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0* files

    If i had the scripts still i would have sent em to you but i had no use for em and they are gone

    However, im sure a simple pgsql command can do it for ya and then manually edit proftpd and (might have to edit httpd.conf)
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