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    mysql cluster how to

    Hi all,

    we are planing to build a 5 system mysql cluster for our website. i have few questions regarding this. As per our provider, we need mod_ndb for apache to connect database cluster. (SQL API). we have 5 system apache cluster.

    Mod_ndb configuration, we need to add all table structure in http configuration. Is there any other way to connect database? or any other way to configure mod_ndb without adding table structure inside http configuration.

    Please advice me any other better way to connect database.



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    yeah, there is another way - use mysqld with ndb configured. Or use mod_ndb to bypass mysqld as suggested.

    Why not to hire an experienced in such things sysadmin team ?

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    IMHO the use cases for choosing a "web services over HTTP" interface like mod_ndb over just using mysqld are not many--is there a reason why you are evaluating mod_ndb instead of mysqld?

    And when you say "5 system mysql cluster", I assume you mean 4 data nodes and one management node? Because using 5 data nodes would not be recommended; node partitioning is not one of the most flexible characteristics of MySQL Cluster, and at a minimum you'd want an even number of data nodes for 5.1 (and x^2 for 5.0 which has even more rigid partitioning).

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