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    Best off-site cPanel server management?

    I'll be running a WHM/cPanel server that can't be in an external datacenter (university regulations will require me to keep this one on campus). I have a fair bit of experience managing WHM/cPanel but no time to deal with crises when they come up, watch after PHP upgrades, etc. I'm looking for the kind of server management I'd get from a good VPS host like ServInt, but without being in a datacenter.

    I'm seeing references to half a dozen off-site server management businesses, but wanted to get impartial recommendations from this group. Anyone have any really good / really bad experiences to share? General recommendations?


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    In my opinion (as the worker of a support company), it's not wise to ask such question on a forum full of sales agents from server support companies ;-) Just read the reviews and you'll be fine. Choose the one with money back guarantee.

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    Take a look at the offers section -

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    acebeat - The Offers section is pretty much valueless since it consists mostly of postings by the companies themselves. Real-world feedback is critical when making a decision like this.

    I'll continue to surf through the forums for unbiased reviews, but am hoping a few will appear here.


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    One more question on this topic: I notice that some companies do ongoing server management - presumably proactive and engaged - while others do per-incident support. Per-incident is obviously cheaper if you don't use incidents very often, but I wonder whether using per-incident services would result in working with people who aren't actively engaged with / familiar with your server environment and needs.

    Any opinions on this distinction?

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