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    Should a host provider know the cause of each downtime?

    If you're having downtimes ranging from 15 minutes to an hour each day for a particular week, shouldn't the host be able to track the cause?

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    It can be hard to know the cause of downtime sometimes but they should be able to investigate and come up with what’s causing the it especially if its happening every day for a particular week…there should be no excuse when it comes to finding the cause of downtime, (I could be wrong)

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    By examining logs, or by calling the datacenter if they suspect it's a network issue, a host should usually be able to determine the cause of downtime.
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    Are we referring to any host in particular here or is this just a general question?
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    Most likely this is coming from the recent downtime of
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    Every host wants 100% uptime, no one wants downtime, its sometime there are issues that is the providers fault or a issue that will take admin time to source out.

    I wouldnt just give a good host the sack because 1 week of downtime 15mins a day and the rest of the year they up 99.9% of the time.

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    smidwap, this question arose from the Hostpacket's downtime though I have to say I am not a customer there I'm thinking about signing up. But I think this should serve as a general question since I am looking for a host.

    I usually ask how much downtime they've experienced for the past three months and how they go about informing their clients.

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    you can track it yourself with a monitoring free service.

    I monitor my website and its good to compare the uptime with their uptime.

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