Lots of things can cause an outage. Hard drive failure. Fiber cut. Buggy code. Runaway processes. Sysadmin slipups. Runaway trucks. Datacenter maintenance. Congested network connections. Landing on the front page of Digg. Flaky hardware. A torrent of new traffic. BGP poisoning. DNS cache failure. Unplugging the wrong cable. Spam floods. DoS attack. Running out of disk space.

You get the picture - outages and downtime are an inevitable part of managing an online presence, whether it's a single VPS or a major server farm. Panopta provides advanced server monitoring and outage management services that make sure you are informed of outages as soon as they occur and can respond in the best way possible to minimize their impact.

Through the month of April we're offering a special discount for WHT readers. Anyone that signs up using the promotion code wht will receive a 20% discount on our normal rates, after our usual 30-day free trial period ends.

Some of the highlights of our service:
  • Complete, high-frequency monitoring: We check all of your critical services, not just a single page on your website, every 60 seconds so no outage is missed.
  • Distributed monitoring network: 10 locations throughout North America and Europe, with more coming soon.
  • Intelligent notification: We confirm any outage from multiple locations to ensure accuracy and our multi-level notifications system means the right people are notified at the right time.
  • Outage management tools: Out-of-band communication tools make sure you and your teammates can communicate effectively while working on an outage.
  • In-depth reporting: View real time performance statistics through our control panel as well as regular summary reports via email.
There's a lot more information on the service at http://www.panopta.com. If you're not currently monitoring your infrastructure, or aren't satisfied with your current monitoring service, please check us out!

Web hosts: We have special experience monitoring large server farms so if you need help getting a handle on your hosting empire, we can help! We also have a number of partner programs that allow you to increase revenue through selling advanced monitoring as an add-on service. Contact us for details.

If you have any questions about our service or the special wht offer please PM or email us at [email protected].