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    Voip Provider - Pay as you go

    I'm looking for a provider with no recurring fees. I would add credits as I need them.

    So far most providers I've seen are selling packages with monthly fees, but that's not what I'm looking for.

    I just need an account which I could add credits and place calls from my Asterisk pbx.

    Another cool feature would be the ability to test the service before I sign up, i.e. some free seconds for new users etc. It's also important they support lots of international calls. Just outbound traffic.

    Any recommendations?

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    I use CallCentric, Voicestick and Vitelity to route calls from my Asterisk box. All have been pretty good although Vitelity has been a bit laggy for me the past few days.

    If I had to chose between them I'd go with CallCentric. None of them have recurring fees for outgoing calls AFAIK.

    The difference in rates to different places can be quite large between VOIP providers so might be worth checking the price for anywhere you're going to be calling a lot.

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    My PBX system that i am putting together is going to be using, Les.Net and CallCentric as the outgoing calls, none of them charge a monthly fee for outgoing termination.

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    As far as I know Vitelity has a problem with DTMF mode...

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