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    %cpu & %mem

    Hi, just a fast question, how much %cpu usage and %mem usage do you think that is a good number to allow to each of your (my) resellers or clients (single sites)? (Considering usual reseller plans like 1.5GB space and 20GB data transfer). Thanks.

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    I would think that that also depends on _how many_ accounts you plan to sell.

    But assuming 20 accounts (20*20GB=400GB), then no more than 4 to 5 % BUT... they aren't all going to use the processing time all at once, so... you might be able to go to 10 or 12 %.

    - James

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    This depends a LOT on the content of the sites. Serving static HTML and data takes very little memory or cpu, but serving PHP, espically phpnuke or postnuke can really drag a system down. It's important to keep in mind that hardware is really inexpensive in the grand scheme of things... Better to bit the bullet and add some extra servers to make sure you keep everyone happy.

    I've made it a policy to sell no more than 500GB/month per server.
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    If you are on a Linux server then set the limits through


    If you are on FreeBSD


    It will protect you from fork bombs and other internal DoS attacks
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