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    hosting / number of concurrent users


    I am planning to set up a forum. What kind of server do I need? I am expecting to

    - 40-50 concurrent users

    Do I need a dedicated server (2 GB) - which would cost me about - 350$ per month - or is it
    possible to find a cheaper solution?

    thank you!


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    40-50? You shouldn't require a server yet. I think you'll be fine with a good shared hosting provider. If you really want a server then I would go and get a P4. It should be more than enough and if you want to grow I think the P4 can support that.
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    It depends what they will be doing on your website.

    If they are going to be browsing some static text, then you could stick it on shared hosting, however if they are doing something dynamic it all depends just how you intend to do it

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    For your average vBulletin or phpBB forum, 40-50 active concurrent users is going to put you on the highest edge of what your average shared host can go.. but below the point where you should really need a full dedicated server.

    Are you planning to grow quickly, or is this more of a niche forum that will sustain at 40-50 users on at a time? If you're planning to grow, maybe you should go with a low-end to middle-ground dedicated solution ($100 - 200/month.. not $350/month).. if not, a VPS in the $50-75/month range is definitely more cost-effective and shouldn't have a problem handling that forum.

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