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Offering the best in reliability, speed and support the Fused Network hosting packages are a great place to place your online business or site. With our dedicated team behind each server you can be sure that your site will be up and running even while you sleep.

Our packages start at $9.95 a month and include the following:

Free 24/7 phone support - Got an emergency? We're here.
Free 24/7 e-mail support
- We'll be here for you
Free nightly backups! - your data is safe.
All of our servers are RAID protected - your data is safe.
Amazing uptime: 99.98% during most months outside of maintenance
Amazing server speed: Unloaded xeons really fly

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Please understand that our pricing structure is based on support and not resources -- while our packages are MORE than sufficient for most sites it's our support that is what we offer.

Ever have a provider that responds in 1-2 minutes for 95% of your requests?
You will now!

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We're also avid supporters of charities and open source projects.

Our new 'Fused Together' promotion allows our affiliates to donate a large percentage of their earnings to the charity of their choice: Fused Together

For the past several years we've been avid supporters of projects like Bitcomet, e107 (we've hosted them for ~4 solid years now), freeCiv and many more. A large percentage of our earnings are donated to the projects we use each and every month.

Come join us. You'll never have to search for another host again.
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