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    146 For LIFE | FREE Month!|Free Rvskins/WHMsonic/Rvsitebuilder

    Hello ,
    We are glad that you took some time out of your hectic schedule to have a look at our Shared plans. Our WebHosting is Powered by WHM/cPanel

    About us:
    UltimateHoster has been providing Quality Service for its customers since 3 years.Our Dedication towards our Business & Utilizing Industry's Most Advanced Methods ensures you the Best Quality!. We consider we're not doing our jobs if we dont satisfy our clients. your satisfaction is our #1 Priority

    Every Reseller plan Includes:
    - FREE cPanel
    - FREE Rvskins

    - FREE RvsitebuilderPRO
    - FREE Fantastico Deluxe!

    - FREE Installatron Script Manager
    - FREE WHMSonic
    - FREE CLAMAV Antivirus
    - FREE Template Express!
    - FREE Shared SSL Cerficiate
    - FREE Transfer assistance!
    - FREE Month after your Third Month!

    ALL Coupons Expire on 15/04/08 So Hurryup, If you miss it you're going to miss a special offer

    MINI Shared :
    Storage Space: 6GB Disk Space
    Data Trasnfer: 60GB Bandwidth
    Addons: Parked domains, Addon domains, Mail Lists Etc
    Monthly: $6.95 - 50% Discount! = $3.9/month

    Order Now! | Coupon: MINI50

    MEGA Shared :
    Storage Space: 12GB Disk Space
    Data Trasnfer: 120GB Bandwidth
    Addons: Parked domains, Addon domains, Mail Lists Etc

    FREE WHMSonic!(for new orders in 24 hours)
    Monthly: $15.95 -
    50% Discount! = $7.9/month

    Order Now! | Coupon: MEGA50

    GIGA Shared :

    Storage Space: 20GB Disk Space
    Data Trasnfer: 200GB Bandwidth
    Addons: Parked domains, Addon domains, Mail Lists Etc

    FREE WHMSonic!(worth 150$!)
    Monthly: $26.95 -
    50% Discount! = $13.4/month

    Order Now! | Coupon: GIGA50

    TERA Shared:

    Storage Space: 40GB Disk Space
    Data Trasnfer: 500GB Bandwidth
    Addons: Parked domains, Addon domains, Mail Lists Etc

    FREE WHMSonic!(worth 150$)
    Monthly: $40.95 -
    50% Discount! = $20.4/month

    Order Now! | Coupon: TERA50

    NOTE :
    • Addons will be added after the Shared has been setup. Please open a ticket once its been done. (Eg: Clientexec, WHMsonic etc)
    • Lifetime Discounts are Reflected while you order. This offer is available for New orders ONLY
    • LifeTime discounts applies for the life of your account, Yes! as long as you're hosted with us
    • Free Month will be Provided after your 3rd Month of stay. Please open a ticket to sales once you have placed the order, We'll note down your account.
    Why UltimateHoster?
    • Top Quality Quad Xeon Servers with 4GB ECC Ram & 100mbit Port.
    • We are Totally Ddos Protected
    • Over 3 Years of Experience!
    • 99% uptime Guarantee! With 15 Day Money back Guarantee!
    • Offsite Backups (Daily Backup's)
    What does our customers say about us? Have a look :Click Here for more info!

    WHT Feedbacks: Click Here! (This is an example )
    Another WHT feedback: Click Here
    More Feedbacks: Click Here for more info!

    Contact Us/Useful Links:


    - Sales Department: sales [at] / Presale Helpdesk
    - Community forums: Click Here
    - Our Network: Click Here
    - Contact us : Click Here

    Thank you for reading.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    + Do you offer Money back Guarantee?
    - Yes We offer 15 Day Money Back Guarantee! if you are NOT satisfied with our Services

    + Are you a Reseller?
    - No, We are Not resellers, We have Root Access to Manager our servers.

    + Do you allow Adult Sites ?
    - Yes, We do allow Legal Adult websites.

    + Do you give SSH or Shell access to my account?
    - Yes Please contact Support for Activation.

    + What are your Payment Methods?
    - We accept only Paypal at the moment

    + Do you offer uptime Guaratee?
    - Yes we offer 99.9% uptime Guarantee.

    + Do you place Ads On my website?
    - Not at all, We Never place any Ads on your website.

    + How long does it take to Setup my account?
    - Your account will be setup instantly and your account details will be e-mailed to you.

    + Do you have any hidden prices?
    - No No and No.

    + Do you do Remote Backup's?
    - Yes we do remote backup's and Emegency Backup's on daily basis!

    + How much time does it take for setup?
    - Techically, We say setup will take anytime between 24 - 48 hours upon verification. but,It will be much faster!. You can expect your account in a few hours

    We do Fraud Screening Tests To Fight Fraud.Failing to enter any correct info in order form would restult in rejection of order.

    Thank you

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    I'm going to Eloberate a couple of Questions we recently had:

    -> Do you have rvsitebuilder ?
    Yes we do have it.

    -> Do you transfer our websites from old host to new?
    Yes, We can do that for you.

    -> WHMsonic isnt enabled on my account but WHT AD says its given?
    We enable WHMsonic or any other addons AFTER the account setup. WHMsonic setup is NOT automatic.

    -> Is your account setup istant?
    Due to increasing fraud on specials. We verify accounts manually. Your account must be setup anytime between 5 minutes - 24 hours. (max)

    If you have any more questions, feel free to contact sales.

    Thank you

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