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    php/mysql-based forum + banner mgmt

    I posted an updated request in the webhost requests forum:

    I am wondering if any of you have any input on a banner management system/script that would work well with a php/mysql-based forum... Here is a quote from my post in the requests forum.

    I will need a banner rotation script. I have spent quite a bit of time playing and getting to know phpadsnew, and got it to work on a test server on a phpbb2 forum. One of the hosters I was considering (I won't mention the name, in case that is not ok with him) said that this script always crashed his mysql... On the other hand, there are people who have been using it with no problem. I love the features of phpadsnew, and I need to know if anyone is running it on your servers. From what I read, it has some requirements that affect php security:

    The PHP configuration variable register_globals needs to be turned on.
    The PHP configuration variable magic_quotes_gpc needs to be turned on.

    Three hosters have replied to my request, but none addressed the issue above...

    Has anyone of you hosted guys/gals had any problems running phpadsnew? What are you using for your banner/ads management, if not phpadsnew, or if anything at all?

    Thanks a lot,
    host seeker

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    I will be planning ads on my forums too when i have ample members but any information from other WHT members in advance would be helpful as regards to banner rotators

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    Are there any decent banner advertising programs left, or are you guys all running your own ads?

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    wanting to run my own ads in the sense that I know exactly (or as exactly as these banner scripts can tell me) how many clicks/impressions I had... I will still be using links, or whatever other affiliate program networks....

    so, does anyone have any input? I am really awaiting more answers.

    thanks a lot,
    host seeker

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