Hosting Fine quality sites since March 2006
We at G.C. Solutions have our own concept of what a Hosting provider should Provide.

Our system pure and simple:

KickStarter Server: Package Cost $7.99 Per Month 40 Accounts On Server
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core 2Gigs Ram
You are just starting out with your site or your your applications usage is average or below average. A low cost option with a very fine Dual core Webserver. With only 40 sites located on this server. The applications you choose to host on this server will receive great response time

Hypercycle Server: Package Cost $15.99 Per Month 30 Accounts On Server
AMD Opteron 275 Dual Processors Dual Cores,Raid 10 Driving 4 Hard Drives. 4Gigs Ram
Your site has grown beyond your expections and or you desire to have the best possible response time for your applications. A medium cost option with a Dual Processor Dual Core Webserver. This Webserver application would fit nice fit before growing so large you would need a VPS. With only 30 Sites located on this Webserver your applications will still receive great response time.

Free Full Account Backups On Home Server (Daily)
Free Full account Backups On A Remote Server (3x week)

G.C. Solutions created a system that is able to bring your Websites Presence on the internet a step above what other providers are able to offer.

G.C. Solutions goal is simple and will always stay with us and that goal is:
To Assure The Strongest Presence for Any Site Located On Our Server.
No Resellers are located on our servers.

Our Major apps for Webhosting:
WHM 11.1.0
cPanel 11.5.0
cPanel Pro 1.0
RVskins 7.9
PHP 5.2.3
MYSQL 5.0.27
Apache 1.3.37
Zend Engine v2.2.0
Zend Optimizer v3.2.0

More info on G. C. Solutions can be found here:

Frank Doud
G.C. Solutions