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    What happened to AITDomains

    Any other AIT Domain Customers here?

    I tried to go on to the site tonight and everything is dark. not even the whois servers are running, all the phones are fast busy.

    last email i got from them was 3/18/08

    Anyone else?

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    I can not get to any of the AIT Company sites. It seems there is a network problem, or perhaps all of their sites are on one server (which is down).

    I highly doubt they went anywhere, they have been around for along time. I would check back in 24 hours.
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    I cant access AIT either. I got an account with them but inactive.

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    I'm in their datacenter all the time, they definitely don't have all their sites on one server !

    Yes, they are down...I haven't received a recent update on the situation but we have 30+ of our own servers (colo) with them down at them moment

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    Anyway i do not like them, there was chargeback issue and i had to pay around $500.

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