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    Does the country of the Host matters?

    If I take up a host from US but use the website for transactions within Singapore, does it matter in any way?

    I mean will it be more advisable for me to take up a Singapore based Host?

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    I think that the issue is generally more profound where you are hosting from a country with a bad reputation, for example it would be bad practice to use a Russian server for taking payments in the U.S. However, for Singapore via the U.S. I can't see a big issue.

    The only other issue would be your latency. As good as the global internet is designed, it still takes a long time to send data half way around the world, so I would expect your site to be much slower than a locally hosted one, though this is something where you could start off and see how it goes, and if costumers say that loading time is a problem you can switch over to local hosting.

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    Does anyone has a good hosting experience with any Singapore based hosting company? Tnks.

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    I've read some reviews before that offshore webhosting companies are really competitive not only in quality of service but also in price.

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    Singapore Web Hosting Talk

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    million2b, I think that it is doesn't metter. I agree with CrazyPenguin - check their local forums also. But as far as I know their web hosting is little bit more expensive then US.
    And not as rich choice as in US. I'm sure your choice would be based on the budget. - a true hosting company offering online presence solutions since 1998.
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