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    Am I overly concerned about being accussed of SPAMming?

    Hi everyone,

    I wasn't sure which forum to post this in...I hope it was okay here.

    I just signed up for a hosting account and within the Terms of Service they have there is a clause that says the hosting company can suspend my account, without notice, if they receive spam complaints. Nothing new there. I have read a number of TOS's lately from registrars and web hosting companies and most have something similar so the name of my particular host is of no real relevance to this issue.

    I has dawned on me that it is potentially possible to knock a web site off the Internet by sending in spurious spam complaints to their web hosting company or registrar. Or at least it would seem so.

    Here is a scenario....

    On my site I have a form at the bottom of each page on my site that allows visitors to comment on any page in the site that contains articles I have written. Let's say someone does not like what I have written for whatever reason. Or they don't like me or something similar.

    They fill out the comment form, fill in their email address, and submit the comment form. I then send back a response to their comment based on their having allowed that by giving me their email address (I clearly state that anyone wanting me to respond personally must give me their email address).

    They pay $10 each to two homeless guys to go to a local library computer and fill out my form twice more with free email addresses from Yahoo or Gmail.

    So I send out two more email responses with my additional comments - all along thinking these are legitimate individuals who want personal responses from me to their comments.

    The originator of all this then has everyone send in spam complaints against me to my web host or registrar.

    My web host or registrar then has to decide whether they are going to believe my word for what happened or the word of (apparently) three unbiased individuals who are all saying that they did not ask to be emailed by me at all.

    Given that there are multiple complaints with valid email headers coming from my site, from different IP's, against my lone word to the contrary my site may get suspended.

    Has anyone had a problem with this kind of thing?

    My present hoster has said that spam must be bulk. The emphasis being on bulk (I think) as well as being unsolicited. Which kinda makes sense but how do you define bulk? Is it okay to spam 1 person? 2 or 3? How many is enough to qualify for bulk?

    If we say that spam is unsolicited email then it would seem that even 1 email to someone who did not request that email is spam. Bulk or not.

    I don't know. Maybe I am overly concerning myself about something that is not a problem at all (though I am hard pressed to understand why it is not a potential problem). Maybe I am making a mountain out of molehill.

    I can see that the above would not be a problem for most, run of the mill sites, but mine will not be such a site. The nature of the articles I write will ellicit strong feelings either for or against what I write. It is a Christian web site where I write about all kinds of topics that might not be very popular. Such as homosexuality, hypocrisy in the church, how various religions don't line up with biblical truth, feminism, and so forth.



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    Personally I wouldn't worry so much.

    The only reason(s) they will suspend are:

    Someone spoofed your email address and thus started using it
    You had a mailshot where you didnt gain permission
    Or you are just generally being niche gut!
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