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    New VPS or Dedicated server? Bargin system setup - only $10

    I didn't get any takers for my previous post here, not too surprising, I guess, as I need to build a reputation for good and reliable work first.

    So, for the first 5 people to respond I would like to offer the following -

    For any recent RedHat (CentOs, Fedora) or Debian (Ubuntu) based VPS or dedicated server I will configure the following ...

    - Apply latest OS updates (and configure e-mail alert when further updates become available)
    - Configure a firewall allowing access to only the ports you require (iptables)
    - Disable any services from running that you do not require
    - Install 'denyhosts' (to block brute force SSH access atempts to your server)
    - Setup a non-root user for system access
    - Install and configure 'sudo' (to prevent having to login as root)
    - Disable root access via SSH
    - Configure time syncronization and correct timezone
    - Install a script for easy monitoring of network bandwidth used (vnstat)
    - Install performance monitor so you can see graphs of your cpu, disk, network, etc usage (munin)
    - Configure your /tmp folder to prevent scripts executing (a common area used by hackers)
    - Install log monitoring software that sends you a daily summary of important log activity (logwatch)

    ... all for $10 and, if you're happy with the work, a short testamonial on this thread.

    Most importantly I'll give you a log of everything that was done to your server for your records. All the items in the list above are optional, of course.

    I've been a system administrator for 10 years looking after both Windows and Linux servers. I also have my MCSE.

    Contact me at [email protected] or via MSN Messenger on the same address if you have any questions.

    SysAdminMan - Asterisk PBX hosting - FreePBX, A2Billing and Elastix

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    I recently used Matt (Bucasia) to secure my JustGotVPS that I signed up for.

    Being a relative newbie to Linux, I didn't want the VPS being hacked or used a spambot. Auditing and securing the VPS was way beyond my skills & expertise so I read Matt's advert with interest. (Within a couple of hours of setting up the VPS I already had hackers trying to login through SSH!)

    Matt was very prompt in all aspects of his work, including replying to my PM's and completing the job. He also informed me of a couple of "limitations" in the VPS, which I had fixed with the provider.

    Payment for Matt's services was easy via Paypal.

    I can certainly recommend Matt and will use him for any other services in the future.

    Thanks Matt.



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