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    anti-virus solution for smtp relay server

    I have a dedicated windows 2003 server that acts as an smtp relay (legit purposes, not open).

    There are large amounts of mail relayed through the server and I would like to install some 3rd party software that can scan the messages/attachments for viruses.

    Ideally, if one exists it strips it from the message and notifies the recipient and/or sender of the problem.

    any ideas on where to start?

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    Contact eset ( nod32 ) they have server packages available that cover smtp relays.
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    ok - found thru google, thanks will look into it... anyone else have suggestions?

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    NOD32 is wonderful software. If you're looking for something free, ClamAV may be the way to go, although I haven't used it personally.
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    f-secure is pretty good as well. It has AV, spyware, riskware and mail protection all in place!

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