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Thread: Car Sites!

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    Car Sites!

    Hey, who on here is a frequenter of a car enthusiast site or perhaps even runs one? I'm tying to catalog a list of them, and it's not easy!

    I run an upcoming site called speed-street. think of it as a meeting ground for all the rival sites to come together and talk shop. It's an optimistic cause, and hopefully it will be a fruitful one.

    PS: For the record, I have a New Edge Cougar, and I help out with those respective forums as well.

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    Hi there, i really like your site, is had about as much character as a dead ant

    but, on a more serious point, are you in the UK or in the USA, if in the USA which part of the USA, as different cars are pretty much applicable to different areas of the world (unless you are doing a world wide site, in which case good luck)

    im the UK there are thousands, one i frequesnt alot of and another one useful to collect stats on cars is

    I wish you luck in your venture - Fast Professional UK Web Hosting

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    The site is currently still being recoded...I'm just doing interest collecting at this point. The site should be up next monday however. I'll keep you posted.

    The fancy part of my idea is that it is totally scalable. I intend to break it up into regions as well as car manufacturer's. Whatever cars have the most participation on the site, the more play they will get with the rest of the group.

    on top of trying to promote co-operation in the cross-platform areas, I'm also hoping to inspire the sharing of "Street Scene" information, which would be entirely comprised of a specific locale.

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    Originally posted by xtstrike
    Hi there, i really like your site, is had about as much character as a dead ant
    I think a dead ant has more character.

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    All these...UPCOMING sites...what does it mean anyway. The site isn't even working.


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    lol...a dead ant at least has working jpegs

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    The daily Magazine & Marketplace dedicated to the pre 1940 car

    Looks good to me, they have 1735 cars for sale atm

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    May be not what you are looking for, but the only 'car site' I ever visit is
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