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    * cPanel webhosting company for sale, 15,000

    This is priced for a relatively quick sale.

    The company, domain and all clients are for sale. PM for further details on company name.

    Breakdown :

    $1,350 in monthly revenue
    $17,000 or so in total annual revenue

    22 cPanel shared hosting accounts. That VPS is using 14GB of space, and 40GB of bandwidth
    63 cPanel Resellers. Standard reseller packages, some include WHMCS (25 licenses are currently active). In total, all resellers use about 70GB of space, minimal bandwidth
    13 Virtuozzo VPS'. Pricing starts at 19.99 per month. Very reasonable VPS packages.

    Costs are covered by the revenue. However everything is split over 3 servers (all on VPS'). In reality, you can easily put everything on 2 servers and less vps', this would cut the costs down by over 35-40%. I will not do this for the buyer.

    The domain was registered in 2002, only started actively selling services in late 2004.

    PM for further details. This is again priced for a quick sale. No monthly arrangements nor profit sharing plans are accepted. I no longer have any time for this company.

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    Answers to some questions received via PM :

    Payment method : Paypal Invoices / 2Checkout

    Billing system : WHMCS

    No domains are being managed. Only one comes with the sale (the company domain)

    Support is done exclusively via helpdesk

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    The business itself is relatively healthy. There are 2-3 threads on here about slower-than-normal support (which is normal since I now work in a competing field with a telecom company)

    It's a well-known company by WHT standards.

    The vast majority of clients are all on monthly payments. Here's a very quick and basic breakdown, without giving away information that is too specific :

    Shared clients

    16 on Webhosting 1 - 2.99-3.99 per month - 5gb/100gb
    4 on Wehosting 2 (all annual) $66.69 per year - 10gb/200gb
    2 on Webhosting 3 (all annual) $70.00 - 20gb/200gb


    It would be simpler for me to just post edited WHMCS pictures.

    Will send those via email, since I cannot post attachments with this account.

    VPS clients

    5 on VPS1, base price of $19.99 per month. 256MB SLM Memory / 10GB disk space /150GB data transfer

    2 on VPS 2 - $29.99 per month - 512MB SLM / 15GB/300GB

    1 on VPS 3 - $39.99 - 768MB / 20gb/500gb

    2 on VPS 4 - $59.99 - 1024mb / 30gb/750gb

    2 on VPS 5 - $74.99 - 1536mb / 50GB / 750GB ( I believe these 2 were given these specs on a special

    1 on VPS 7 - $112.99 per month - 75GB/1100GB

    All of those except one are running cPanel (the exclusion is 1 Plesk)

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    Can you email me screenshots along with an NDA (if needed) to blawrie [replace]
    l • 201TB bandwidth as standard in three USA DC’s. KVMoIP, auto reboot & OS install all included - Now available in the Netherlands!
    l • UK, USA & NL unmetered 100mb & 1GB 100TB premium bandwidth servers
    l Assiva Ltd • UK Shared & Reseller LiteSpeed • 10 years of hosting • R1Soft

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    Many people asking, so I'll post up the WHMCS pictures here :

    Where it says "free account", it's false. Those clients are on 2Checkout recurring, which can't be tracked via WHMCS, and would be suspended if I didn't make their account "free"

    I'll only be releasing full Paypal and 2Checkout historical data if I consider the offer solid. Prying eyes-only, please abstain

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    For those trying to low-ball. I will be taking no less than 13,000 firm for all clients, buyer pays escrow / Paypal fees.

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    We are interested - please contact us.

    Please contact me at jim [at] with a phone number to reach you at. I am willing to do a deal at your terms.

    - Jim

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    I sent you a quick email.

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